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Is Granola A Healthy Food?

Is Granola A Healthy Food?

Granola is one of those “healthy” foods that can go either way. While the oats found in most granolas deliver a healthy dose of fiber, it’s the rest of the ingredients that really determine whether granola is truly healthy or not. Many store-bought varieties pack a pretty big sugar punch. Others deliver a heavy dose of fat. Others fill your tank with a whole lot of empty calories.

So how do you know which granolas to go for? Let’s get some of the facts on what to look for in granola and what to avoid.

Be Careful about Sugar

The biggest area where granola can go wrong is with the added sugar. Granolas are often contained sugar compare to muesli because it is needed to bind all of the other ingredients together.

One way to reduce sugar intake from Granola is to choose varieties that do not contain dried fruits or those come with Organic or Premium Grade unsweetened dried fruit such as Granolove. Alternatively, add our own fresh fruits to the granola is the best choice for healthy Granola.

What to Look For

Besides being particular in sugar contain, seeking for granola that contains a nice mix of whole grains and nuts to get a balance of both fiber and healthy fat. The perfect combination will help keep us fuller for longer, which can be very helpful to those who are trying to lose weight.

In addition, the fiber from the whole grains and the healthy fat from the nuts are definitely a nutritious benefit. Many granolas on the market today are also incorporating healthy ingredients like chia seeds, which boost the fiber and healthy fat content even more.

This is great, but one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES that people make with granola is eating too much of it. There is always the possibility of eating too much of a good thing.

Since we know how easy it is to go overboard, always consume granola products according to the recommended serving size stated on the products. When choosing granola, always be sure to look at the serving size. Even though ingredients like nuts are healthy, they deliver a large number of calories per serving. The serving size for granola is often very small, usually around a quarter cup. Therefore, purchased granola products are always suggested to be portioned out into smaller Ziploc bags so that serving size cannot be overlooked. This ensures the correct portion is ready to go when needed.

The Bottom Line

Whether it be sprinkling some on our yogurt or grabbing a bar on the go, granola can be a healthy option. With so many granola products on the market these days, it is important to be careful of what we’re buying. Just watch our portion sizes and pay attention to the ingredients.

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