Author: Poonam   Date Posted:16 May 2018 


200g of Love Earth Organic Wheat Suji (Semolina) Flour

3 Tbsp  of butter

4 Whole Cadamoms Seeds or Vanilla Seeds

100g of Love Earth Organic Unrefined Dad Brown Soft

250ml of Milk

Prefered amount of Love Earth Lightly Roasted Almond

Preferent amount of Love Earth Organic Sultana or Black Raisin 


Cooking Instruction

  1. Heat the pan with butter, Put in cardamoms or vanilla seeds and add in Suji flour.
  2. Roast Suji on medium heat until it turn brown.
  3. Add in raisin and sliced almond.
  4. Add sugar into it and pour in milk, keep stiring until the Suji absord all the milk.
  5. Take it out to a plate and let cool.
  6. Cut into peice and serve.