Author: Ms Poonam   Date Posted:12 October 2017 


Cooking Instruction:

Roast the almonds and leave to cool.Heat a big kadhai or pan and add water. Now add sugar. Mix well and keep stirring until sugar dissolves.Add crushed cardamoms and stir continuously. When you get a string from the sugar add in the nuts and raisins.Stir constantly for the proper distribution of nuts in whole pan.Grease a big baking tray with the butter.Spread the hot mixture on a greased tray.Spread evenly to make equally shaped vara.Leave to cool down completely until become crispy and perfect u or in the pieces as much as you want.Store in air tight container and enjoy as and when you want.

Chef Tips:

Always store this chikki or vara in air tight container to keep fresh and crispy for long time.You can store this vara at least for 45 days, if kept at proper temperature.