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7 Fun Facts About Honey

7 Fun Facts About Honey

Honey! The most natural form of sugar that hits you to the spot that falls in love with it. Surely, it’ll remind you of Winnie-The-Pooh the bear which favors honey A LOT. Honey is one of the important parts of human agriculture. It is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers. Not only that but it also comes in different shapes and forms. Some people tend to get honey directly from the beekeepers, while some people get it from the store.

Honey Presentations

  • Liquid Honey

The honey format that most of us familiar with, the liquid ‘runny honey’ in the jars

  • Cut Comb Honey

Did you know beeswax comb can be eaten? This is a piece of honeycomb with liquid honey

  • Crystallized Honey

This is where some of the glucose components within the honey has crystallized.

As honey is growing more and more popular. The more myths that surround honey has sprung up. Here are 7 Fun Facts that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Not all species of bees produce honey

Do you know the percentage of species of bees that produce honey is actually a very small amount compared to the total number of different species of bees know to man. Not that other bee species does not make honey, but only the honeybees and the stingless bees make enough of honey that really matter to human. As for bumblebees produce a small amount of honey for their own survival.


  1. Honey never goes bad if stored properly

Honey will spoil if actually exposed for a long time. It started to lose its color, flavor, and aroma as it will absorb moisture and eventually cannot be used. However, well-stored honey is practically immortal and able to retains its quality longer than the “best by date” printed on bottles.


  1. Children can take honey

Pretty sure you’ve been warned by your neighbor who saw you feeding your child honey not to continue this practice because it’s not healthy for them. But there is no truer fallacy as it is one of the healthiest forms of sugar on the planet whereby can replace sugary snacks. Is your child craving for a snack? Give them some honey! (Disclaimer: Kids above 2 years old)


  1. There are different flavors of honey

Honey comes with different flavor due to the reason of bees are located, the type of flowers pollinated etc. A fascinating thing about honey is; they don’t just gather nectar from just one type of flower, but moving from flower to flower pollinating as they go.


  1. Darker or white “foam” honey does not mean the honey has gone bad

Honey comes in all colors and flavors. The color, scent, and taste can vary widely depending on the source of the flower region, soil, nectar, and climate. The type of storage method, warmer temperatures, and age play a role in darkening the color of honey.

The white “foam” that floats at the top of honey is simply air. This “foam” is a result of tiny air bubbles in the honey escaping to the top of the bottle. So, don’t throw out your honey when next time you see this.


  1. Honey is great for skin care

Honey can give your skin the glowing effect you’ve been looking for. Besides, it is naturally hydrating and the perfect ingredient to add to your daily skincare routine. Hurry up and try DIY your homemade face mask with honey!


  1. Can you use metal spoons with honey?

There is an old tale that won’t go away whereby honey having a certain percent of acidity can corrode metals. But that’s provided if the metals have had long continuous exposure to the honey.  It’s advised that honey be stored in non-metallic containers to avoid them corroding. Therefore, you can safely scoop honey with a teaspoon as long as it doesn’t stay too long in the honeypot.

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