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We provide a healthy lifestyle food for everyone to start eating healthy! Providing the best we can offer for everyone's health!
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We supply to more than 1000 outlets all around Malaysia and we're going to enlarge our circle till it reach global standards!
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We supply to more than 1200 outlets all around Malaysia and we're going to enlarge our circle to reach global standard.
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Customer Reviews

Date: 18/5/22 (From Shopee)

Taste: good

trusted seller and product is genuine. will repeat order

18 May 2022

Date: 18/5/22 (From Shopee)

Taste: Very good

Quality: Good product quality.

Benda wajib ada di dapur sbg pengganti garam.

18 May 2022

Date: 18/5/22 (From Shopee)

Taste: my family mmg suka if i masak nsi goreng cina guna mushroom seasoning. My second time beli hehe

Freshness: fresshhh

Chilli flakes ni mcm rasa signature market punya, tp signature market a bit more oily n ada 2 range Spicy - pedas jugak laa & non spicy - yg ni tak pedas langsung. Compare to love earth, spicy dia just nice tak pedas sgt i love it! Crunchiness sama mcm signature market for those penah beli hehe

18 May 2022

Date: 18/5/22 (From Shopee)

Quality: Suka guna garam & seasoning mushroom dalam masakan. Tepung pon sedap kalau buat jemput2...

Barang selamat diterima dalam keadaan baik. Penghantaran cepat dan pantas. Terima kasih Love Earth...

18 May 2022

Date: 18/5/22 (From Shopee)

A healthy alternate replacement for msg or salt… tasty too… been using this for a long time

18 May 2022
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